Hit Box

Rivals of Aether on Hit Box

Rivals of Aether has great controller options that lets keyboard and pad players (of all sorts) compete against one another. These options also provide us the opportunity to get the most out of Hit Box.  The first thing to know, is that the default mode for Hit Box on PC...

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Hit Box on Steam

Steam is currently the best platform on computers for fighting games, and with the growing size of the PC scene, the Hit Box player base, and popularity of online play, it's important our players can compete. While typically it'll be plug-n-play with Hit Boxes for Steam, some people may run...

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PC Modes on Hit Box

You can boot up the Hit Box into different controller modes when you plug it into a PC. Here's an overview of the button layouts for each mode: Button Layouts on Hit Box. Xinput mode is the Hit Box default mode on PC. PS3 Mode Hold down P1/LP while plugging...

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Button Layouts on Hit Box

These are the button layouts the Hit Box uses. Hit Box works natively on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, defaults to Xinput on PC, and has many modes on PC you can boot it in: PC Modes on Hit Box.  PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch Xbox 360 (for PC/Windows Gaming)  

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