Cross|Up Info Page

Welcome to a New Era

The Cross|Up is the "crossover" of a Hit Box and a fightstick, using both digital and analog directions on a single device - retaining the classic function and form of a fightstick.


Improved Play

The access to analog and dpad directions, and the activation of motion inputs with both of your hands, provides improved consistency and precision.
For more how to play content, visit our Cross|Up Index.



The Cross|Up works natively on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the design of the Cross|Up allows the ability to play 3D games better than any other stick before!



You can even play Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Cross|Up!



Use the Cross|Up Designer to remap your buttons, change your SOCD options, play and share new layouts and profiles, use a nunchuk, and customize your experience to fit your needs.


Accessibility for people living with disabilities and injuries or are wanting to prevent injuries is one of the major focuses of Cross|Up. It was designed to improve upon the ergonomics of a standard fightstick, and bring about much needed precision and hand health to the fighting game community. With sensitive, high-quality Sanwa arcade buttons and our built-in layout customization, the Cross|Up provides more control than ever.


We have created content to help players understand fundamental aspects of fighting games and the Cross|Up. Once you have grasped the basics, the Cross|Up opens up a new world of possibilities. Dive into the Cross|Up Index to learn more!
There is also a whole community of players on our Discord who can exchange tips and help answer questions.  Join the Cross|Up Community on Discord:

We are forever grateful to our KickStarter backers for making this project a reality!  Cross|Up has come so far since we sent out the Alpha versions in 2019. This project has already changed the course of controller history, and we are excited to continue the trailblazing how games can be played.  To all of our Kickstarter backers: thank you for being a part of the Cross|Up. - Team Hit Box