Smash Box Downloads

The Smash Box main page is still under construction -- but we'll be updating this page in the meantime with the essential downloads and instructional material you'll need!  Please check back often as we add additional content!


Smash Box Designer/Angle Customizer v.3 - Download Here

  • Designer software makes the Smash Box truly "the controller you have full control over."
  • Programmable Button Mapping - Choose your own layout!
  • Programmable Tilt Values - Custom Angles!
  • SOCD ControlLeft + Right Control
  • Import / Export / Custom Smash Box Profiles -- Download popular builds or share your profiles with others!
  • Many, Many New and Exciting Features!
  • Notes:  PC Only.  Disable Antivirus to Install.  Instructional guides and video content soon to come!
  • PDF Remapper Guide


MAYFLASH ADAPTER Firmware Update - Download Here

  • Use your Smash Box on Wii U and Switch with the Mayflash Adapter with the above firmware!
  • You must be using the latest Smash Box firmware
  • Works as a Gamecube controller for the Nintendo Switch!


Smash Box PhotoShop Template - Download Here

  • Note:  Do not print with cut lines!
  • Wondering what's with that clear plexiglass?
  • Modify your Hit Box Smash Box with your own custom artwork.
  • With this PSD, you will be able to mod your SB to be your very own.
  • Commission your local modder who's done this type of work before for arcade sticks.
  • Instructional content to come -- Note: Hit Box is not responsible for any damage caused during modification.


Join the Smash Box Community on Discord

  • The Smash Box is now out in the wild!  Join the pioneers of the Smash Community by teaming up and swapping tips, tricks, tech, and profiles!