Cross|Up Downloads

Cross|Up Designer & Firmware v2.00 DOWNLOAD

Introduction to 2.00:

  • New Installer
  • New Default Profiles
  • New SOCD Settings
  • New Retro Compatibility Settings
  • New Profile Browser
  • And more!

Important guides:

Cross|Up PS4 Firmware

This firmware is for the Brook board connected to the main Cross|Up board.

There are two uses for this firmware:

  • Brook UP5 compatibility.
  • Controller issues, such as:
    • Certain buttons are stuck on 'turbo.'
    • Controller disconnects after exactly 8 minutes on a PlayStation console.
    • Triggers are stuck 'on.'
    • Directions on the joystick are not outputting correctly.

To reflash your firmware:

  • Download the Cross|Up Brook PS4 firmware: here
    • Run CrossUp_PS4_Switch_NOV.09.2022.exe in administrator mode.
    • Once the software is open, hold the two left-most top menu buttons as you plug in the Cross|Up into your PC via the front (gaming) cable.
    • Follow the instructions within the updater.
    • Once updated, disconnect your Cross|Up
  • If you are having any issues, please contact support:

Cross|Up - Art Template Download

  • Accurate PSD and GIMP files to edit artwork to go under the clear acrylic for your Cross|Up.
  • Art Template for ALPHA Cross|Up: link
  • Clear acrylic top to be launched at a later date.

If for any reason you are having problems with your Cross|Up, you can reach us at: or post in the #tech-support channel in our Discord.