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Precise control. Built to be accessible and easier on the hands. Legal at all major events, including EVO. The Smash Box is here to change how we play.

Tilt Attacks

With all buttons, how do you do tilt attacks? Our solution is “Tilt Modifiers.” These buttons do nothing on their own, but when actuated with a directional input will result in slight directions as if you were partially tilting the control stick.
For more on Tilts, check out our blog post: Tilt Attacks.

Holding down modifiers will lower your analog buttons from smash to tilt!


The Smash Box has three separate profiles built in, all switchable on the go with a toggle on the left side of the controller. Also check out the layouts we have: Smash Box Layouts.

Default Profiles

We have included tons of different profiles for Smash Bros. and Rivals of Aether, designed and ready for the Smash World Tour: Profile Overviews. Download the Designer to get access to all of these profiles: Smash Box Downloads

Button Remapping

If you are wanting more out of the default layouts, or you are trying to optimize your character or playstyle, then you can use our Designer Software to map buttons wherever you like. More here: Button Remapping.

Designer Software

Use our Designer Software to change your layout, set your tilt values, choose your SOCD resolution, save and share profiles, plus much more!

Download our software from here: Downloads page.


Not fully comfortable with all buttons yet? No problem. You can use a Wii Nunchuk with the Smash Box, either as the control stick or the C-stick to help you out. More info: Nunchuk Guide

Game With Health in Mind

Accessibility for people living with disabilities and injuries, or are wanting to prevent injuries, is one of the major focuses of Smash Box. It was designed to improve upon the ergonomics of the GameCube controller, and bring about much needed healthy change to the Smash Bros. community. With sensitive, high-quality Sanwa arcade buttons and our built-in layout customization, the Smash Box affords the use of any and all fingers, and puts you in control.
 Play using all of your fingers for what was only your thumbs before!

Just The Beginning

We have created content to help players understand fundamental aspects of Smash and the Smash Box. Once you have grasped the basics, the Smash Box opens up a new world of possibilities. Dive into the Smash Box Index to learn more!
There is also a whole community of players on our Discord who can exchange tips and help answer questions.  Join the Smash Box Community on Discord:
We are forever grateful to our KickStarter backers for making this project a reality!  Smash Box has come so far since our KickStarter in 2017 and we are still developing more new features and improvements, as well as making new friends along the way.  This project has already changed the course of Smash history, and we are excited to continue the trailblazing how games can be played.  Thank you for being a part of the Smash Box. - HBDustin