Art Template Downloads

Hit Box - Art Template Download


Smash Box - Art Template Download


Cross|Up - Art Template Download


Art Template Instructions

These instructions are found in the art template downloads.

Template sizes

  • There are different template sizes.
  • These template sizes are there to accommodate different print sizes.
  • The templates sizes do not affect the size of the controller space for your art.

Using the Template

  • Place your art in the "YOUR ART GOES HERE" layer.
  • Make sure your art extends to the bleed line (the dashed red line) - to limit alignment errors when cutting.
  • Pick a logo and hide the rest.
  • Hide the "HIDE THESE LAYERS" layer group.
  • Flatten the "FLATTEN THESE LAYERS" layer group.
  • Make sure the image and print settings are 300dpi for both x- and y-axis.
  • Make sure your export size matches the templates size (ie, 17x11", 18x12", or 19x13") - we recommend PDF or PNG formats.

Printing Instructions

  • Follow all of the instructions above.
  • 3rd parties such as FedEx and Amazon have printing options available at the template sizes we provide.
  • For help for printing your own or if you have any questions, please join the Hit Box Discord and ask in the #modding channel.

Modding Instructions
Once you have the custom art for your controller printed and cut, use our guide on how to replace our acrylic cover: Replacing Buttons and Acrylic.