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We at Hit Box have been part of the FGC for well over a decade now, and it has been a wild journey of ups and downs fostering our simple leverless design. In a room dominated by arcade sticks, Hit Box could not have made it this far without the incredible support of our customers, friends, and fans who believed in our design long before anyone else would dare touch a controller made out of only buttons.


And while it was a community fringe for so long, an entire leverless industry has blossomed from the Hit Box bringing in many new controllers in all different shapes and sizes that utilize the classic Hit Box layout. It has grown to the point now that there is a vast and almost overwhelming landscape of leverless options. Some of these controllers are of great quality... while others simply are not.In that light, we would like to welcome the best into the Hit Box Licensing Program.


Our goal is to alleviate quality issues to the consumer by endorsing the most deserving controllers, big and small. We do this with the same care as we hold our own flagship products. The customer’s experience is of utmost importance from the moment they unbox their controller through trusting its quality for years to come. Our dedication to our customers and community is the foundation of the Hit Box Licensing Program.



When we developed the Hit Box in late 2010, we believed its design was the future of fighting games and made the decision to apply for a patent on its unique button layout.  We aim to share the use of that Intellectual Property with well-deserving companies who share the same customer-driven values as our own.


Licensing provides our company with the ability to share our IP without the worry of other companies damaging it. Through the licensing program, we can officially endorse and collaborate with other high-quality companies and manufacturers. Additionally, we can also help ensure that every player’s experience on a leverless controller is a positive one.


This page is an overview for those interested in learning about the Hit Box Licensing Program and the standards of quality and customer service we look for in an applicant.


To join our licensing program
please contact the email below:



Licensing is a legal agreement between two parties, where the owner of the intellectual property rights grants permission to another party to use said intellectual property in creating their product. By establishing the Hit Box Licensing Program, we are allowing the use of our patents by other companies.

Licensing grants use of our patents, including the Hit Box all-button layout.

Because our customers are our number one priority, the products we choose to license undergo heavy testing and must abide by our two primary values: Controller Quality and Customer Service.



When a customer purchases an official Hit Box, we want them to have the best experience possible when placing it on their lap for the first time: The buttons feel nice, the controller has good balance and stability, it feels durable enough to survive a flight to the next major, and most of all that the customer can trust it in their next tournament match.


Customers need to have the same level of confidence in licensed hardware as Hit Box expects from its own hardware.


We believe the integrity of a licensed product’s quality must meet the same standards of our own. Products we choose to license undergo heavy testing and must meet our standard of quality and service.


Problems happen. Above all else, at Hit Box we try to ensure that every customer is assisted with their controller needs. Companies participating in the Hit Box licensing Program must strive for the same type of responsiveness, care, and detail that our customers come to expect. It is required that you, the manufacturer, show good faith in maintaining a positive experience for everyone involved.

Because our customers are our number one priority, we also care that customers are an official licensee's number one priority.

To join our licensing program
please contact the email below:




The Level System was created to be as inclusive as possible with a wide range of company size and growth in mind. Hit Box was born and raised in the FGC, and we know what it means to work out of a garage with no funding. We also understand the continued ups and downs that come with company growth. Hit Box as a company ourselves may have grown since our founding in 2011, but in the gaming peripheral industry we are still considered a small growing business who experiences new challenges every day. Creating three licensed categories - based on merit, not size - is our solution to work with as many deserving companies as possible, as they scale and grow.


The Level System - Black, Red, and Gold - is a way to signify to customers which of our licensees have met the standards that best represent Hit Box’s core values. All officially licensed products, regardless of level, are required to meet certain standards to participate in the program. When customers see that a particular licensee is on a different level, they can rest assured that the product they are buying is Hit Box approved.

For licensees, the Level System is a pathway to grow their partnership with Hit Box. Along with being able to utilize the Hit Box IP, licensees will have the opportunity to receive benefits including direct access to Hit Box's network and partners.


Categories are represented as levels - Red, Black, and Gold - to determine a range of benefits and support. While still scaling to their highest potential, these levels will ensure that growing community organizations are not excluded based on their size and resources. They also grant licensees the opportunity to move up levels as they continue to grow and improve.

For customers, these levels represent quality and consistency. Red is the standard, starting level. Black is the next level up, proving quality and consistency. And Gold is for licensees that go above and beyond, both as organizations and in supporting the community.



To join our licensing program
please contact the email below:



Paradise Arcade’s controllers are premium in quality, and their dedication to their customers has remained true over their many years in the community. Their two leverless products are Gold Level in the Hit Box licensing program: the MPress and the MPress Nano.



To join our licensing program
please contact the email below:



We recently passed our 13th anniversary since the invention of the Hit Box button layout as seen today. All the way back then we knew it would change the entire landscape of the FGC. The creators Shawn and Dustin believed in their project enough to file for patents and quit their day jobs, because they knew the eventuality of what a perfect button layout specialized for the needs of fighting games would be. All these years later that same layout has still held true and proven itself to be the best way to play fighting games, and with it creating an entirely new industry of all-button controllers.

The Hit Box Licensing Program is a gigantic step forward for us in engaging with other companies and sharing our legacy in its best light. We are excited and ready to work with more companies like Paradise Arcade. Titan or tiny, if you would like to inquire further about the Hit Box Licensing Program, please email us at community@hitboxarcade.com. We look forward to hearing from you.