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Quickest Shoryukens in the East

It seems that the Japanese FGC has a strong focus on the Hit Box controller right now. After we highlighted Kawano's video on SOCD Hadoukens, another Japanese player, DaruNikki, showcased a specific technique on Hit Box for Street Fighter V: the Instant Dragon Punch.    This technique takes advantage of...

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Quickest Hadoukens in the East

Recently, Street Fighter V player Kawano shared a useful Hit Box technique that he had been discussing with fellow Japanese player DK. It uses the SOCD features on the controller to help get a quicker hadouken from walking/holding back. Most of the time, when you're holding back, you have to half-circle forward...

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New Hit Box Firmware

[Updated July 21, 2020] These notes apply only to Hit Boxes delivered in or after June 2020 (thinner version with foam-like, non-slip bottom). If you have issues with a Hit Box before June 2020, please email us at If you need any help with anything else, write to our official...

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Hit Box back on Pre-order

July 6, 2020With massive interest from our previous pre-orders and orders after we went live, we've sold out of stock of Hit Boxes way quicker than we expected. Luckily, we've already started our next run of production and we expect to back in stock in September. For now you can pre-order...

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