Hit Box Downloads

If you've just received your Hit Box, then there's no need to update your controller!  Out of the box it will be updated with the latest everything.  Once in a while your controller may need to be updated, however, and that's why we have this firmware page.  The tell-tale sign is the 8-minute disconnect problem.  This is a rare occurrence, but we can help if it ever happens.
If for any reason you're having problems with your Hit Box, you can reach us at:
Hit Box Discord

We're looking forward to helping with any problems!

    PS4 Firmware Download - The Switch Update - 9/13/2019

    • For Hit Boxes from June 2016 and later.
    • Lets you play on the Nintendo Switch on your Hit Box without an adapter.
    • Lets you start up your controller in different modes for PC:
      • Hit Box now boots automatically in Xinput mode when plugged into a PC (no need to hold any buttons, just plug in)
      • Hold Square/LP as your plugging the Hit Box into your PC to get PS3 mode (read as "P3 Wired Gamepad v1.6" joy.cpl)
      • Hold Triangle/MP for PS4 mode (P4 Wired Gamepad v1.6)
      • Hold R1/HP for Xinput mode (Controller/Xbox 360 for Windows)
      • Hold L1/3P for Switch mode (Real Arcade Pro S)
    • Limited to DPAD only for directions, you won't have left stick or right stick.
    Installation Instructions
    • Run Hit_Box_Switch_Firmware.exe in administrator mode.
    • Plug in your Hit Box while holding "Home" and "Share."
      • If you're not sure which side buttons those are, hold them all down.
    • The updater will change screens and show an "Update" button, click it.
    • Wait until it's done. 
    • Unplug your Hit Box and plug it back in.
    • You know your Hit Box is running the new update if you check your USB Game controllers.
      • Hit Win+R and type "joy.cpl" if it shows up as an Xbox 360 controller, you're updated.
    • Firmware update fixes 8-minute timeout issue.
    • Hold PS(Home) + Share(Select) while you plug your Hit Box into PC.  Allow drivers to install.
    • Download PS4 Firmware Download, extract updater, run file, click update.
    • Only download this file if your Hit Box was one of the original PS4 Hit Boxes from 2015 - 2016.  Firmware update fixes 8-minute timeout issue.
    • Hold PS(Home) while you plug your Hit Box into PC.  Allow drivers to install.
    • Download PS4 Firmware (Pre June 2016) Download, extract updater, run file, click update.
    • Removes controller update prompt when plugging in Hit Box.

    Smash Box Downloads

    NEW Smash Box Firmware / Designer Software v4.03 Download 

    • Programmable Button Mapping - Choose your own layout!
    • Programmable Tilt Values - Custom Angles!
    • SOCD Control Left + Right Priority!
    • Import / Export / Custom Smash Box Profiles -- Download popular builds or share your profiles with others!
    • Hand Craft Your Own - Create a mastermind profile just for your main, or customize your Smash Box for any other game you might play!
    • Swap Profiles on the Fly - Have 3 unique profiles loaded into your Smash Box at once!
    • Notes:  Designer Software for PC Only.  Disable Antivirus to Install.
    • Video Troubleshooting Guide - Hotfix / Firmware / Designer
    • PDF Remapper Guide
    • Use your Smash Box on Wii U and Switch with the Mayflash Adapter with the above firmware!
    • You must be using the latest Smash Box firmware
    • Works as a Gamecube controller for the Nintendo Switch!

    Cross|Up Downloads

    Cross|Up Designer v1.05 & Firmware Update


    • Nunchuck port is now enabled: Plug in a Nintendo Wii nunchuck into the side of your Cross|Up and it will map stick movements to the left analog stick. C and Z on a nunchuck will map as L and ZR respectively in Switch mode (default Grab and Shield in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

    • The Touchpad and Share buttons on the back have been swapped: To put your controller into "Training Mode" (AKA Hotkey mode), you hold the 2 buttons closest to the right edge of the Cross|Up instead of performing the sign of the horns to the back of your device. Sorry Satan, it's nothing personal.

    • The Designer now has persistence: When you close the designer, your controller mappings and options will automatically save to your PC. Please note that changes made in the Designer are not saved to your controller until you hit the "Save to Controller" button. This change should make labbing your button layouts a little less tedious.

    • There is also a secret Designer option added in v1.04 that still hasn't been found. I've left it in v1.05 and it will remain there until someone exposes us.

    Flashing Procedure

    • You should probably export or at least take screenshots of your layouts and options before upgrading. Upgrading will wipe out any values on the controller and load up the defaults.

    • When you're ready to upgrade, click the green "Upgrade Firmware" button and then "Initialize Defaults" to load the new firmware to your controller.

    Download Basics for Cross|Up Designer

    • Download and unzip the entire directory to somewhere you have admin access. This will not run from a temporary folder created by windows, winzip, 7zip, winrar etc. You have to actually extract it somewhere.
    • Install the CH340 drivers in the root directory of the release. You might need admin access for this.
    • Open CrossUpDesigner.exe
    • Plug the USB printer cable from the left side of the CrossUp to a USB port on your PC. It's best if your controller is not hooked up to a console when doing this.
    • Click "Load Layouts From Controller" in the top left of the Designer and click the green "Load Values From CrossUp" to download the existing profiles from your Cross|Up. If all goes well, you'll see a command window pop up for a few seconds, and you'll have the profiles loaded in the Designer.
    • If the debug window hangs, times out or doesn't show up. Close the Designer and make sure you have set avrdude.exe, avrdude2.exe, libusb0.dll and the CrossUpDesigner.exe files to run as admin.
    • If that still doesn't let you read the profiles correctly, click the checkbox in the Load Layouts menu that says "Specify COM Port." If you have more than 1 show up with your CrossUp plugged in, go into your device manager (Win+X - Device Management) and see what COM ports show up in "Ports (COM & LPT)" Most people have no COM devices on their PCs, so there should only be 1 COM device that shows up when you plug/unplug your Cross|Up. If you have 1 or more (stuff like an ISA Bridge, PCI card) then take note of what COM port is assigned to your CrossUp when you plug it in. Specify THAT COM port in the Load Layouts.
    • When everything is done right, when you click on profiles in the "Select Layout" list, you'll see all the spicy items we hinted at on the SECRET MENU in your documentation.
    • You can also click "Import Layout" to see those layouts and more. You can even export your own layouts if you want to share your research with the world!
    • If you click "Program Hotkeys" you can program what the face buttons do when you're in hotkey mode (pressing Options + Touchpad on the back). People complained about not having L3 or R3, we went an extra mile and programmed in a few other shortcut combos for easy access in training modes.
    • If you want to make a layout for the Nintendo Switch - click "Show Switch Labels" so you can see the appropriate mappings for Switch games on the CrossUp. Every button on the Pro controller is available on the CrossUp. Yes, you can actually play Mario Galaxy on the thing (just no gyro abilities).
    • When you're happy with your edits, click "Save Layouts to Controller" and follow the same steps you follow for loading. These changes are now permanent on your Cross|Up.
    • Every menu can be closed with the "ESCAPE" key, including the button bind popups. Every other menu has an "X" in the top right.
    • SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: The Designer DOES NOT know what the state of your CrossUp is UNTIL you load values from it. Instead it fills in every profile with the default layout and hotkeys. So make sure to load layouts BEFORE making edits. If you want to go back to the factory settings, click "Upgrade Firmware" and go from there.

    Troubleshooting for reading/writing issues

    • Try a different USB port. Some USB 3.1 ports have been reported as not working. Some USB hubs create problems. Try removing hubs and try different USB ports.
    • Make sure you know which COM port your CrossUp gets assigned to. - Make sure you unzipped the entire installation and have admin access as detailed above. 
    • You will need Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework if for some reason you just don't have it on your Windows XP or newer PC. I don't believe the CrossUpDesigner runs in Wine, but it works just fine in 32-bit Windows and even in Apple BootCamp mode.
    • If you need help, ask in our discord's #tech-support section. If you outline what you've tried and what you're problems you're having in detail, you'll get specific answers much faster.
    • Most of the Smash Box tech help applies to the CrossUp as well, so look up answers for the Smash Box if you want some quick answers.
      Questions?  Feel free to contact us!
      Hit Box Discord