Thank you Combo Breaker!

Combo Breaker 2024 Combo Breaker 2024 was such a fantastic event all around! We want to thank Rick and the rest of the Combo Breaker staff. You all treated us and the rest of the vendors amazingly, plus the crew lounge was a fantastic addition that really helped us stay...

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Hit Box at Combo Breaker 2024!

We are excited to be at Combo Breaker 2024! Location We will be in the convention center, facing the side stages.Right next to the Skullgirls booth and near the Gaming Gen booth. Schedule Combo Breaker opens at 10am on Friday and is a 24-hour venue until closing on Sunday at...

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Community Controllers of 2023

The community enjoys customizing their controllers, from custom art of their favorite characters to the shiniest and quietest (or loudest) buttons they can find. In our Discord server, the community shares their work in the #gallery channel. This has helped provide inspiration and given people that are new to modding...

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Hit Box at EVO Japan 2024!

We are excited to be at EVO Japan 2024! Our booth will be near the cosplay stage. Hit Box Play at our demo stations. Selling with options for PS5-compatible upgrades. Player meet & greets Kawano - April 27th, 14:00 - 14:45 (JST) Tokido - April 27th, 15:00 - 16:00 (JST)...

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Cross|Up & Wingman FGC Bundle Discount

February 26th, 2024 Starting today, if you purchase a Cross|Up and Brook Wingman FGC in the same order on our website, you will receive $24.99 off of your order! Cross|Up: Brook Wingman FGC:   In addition, we have this same discount bundle for Hit Box as well: Hit...

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