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Kickstarter Update: $38.5k and Counting!!!

The Smash Box Kickstarter is $38,500 funded thanks to your support!  That's over 75% the way to our goal of 50k to make the Smash Box a reality!  With two weeks left to go in the campaign, we're almost to our goal!!!

Check our our live Kickstarer here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2099087376/hit-box-smash-box-video-game-controller-for-smash

Visit our Live Kickstarter page HERE!  Thank you for your support!!! 

Written by Hit Box — March 17, 2017

PS4 Hit Box Update


***UPDATE 5/4/17:  Firmware Update Here:  Please click download link above and follow instructions.  Hold PS Button (Home) + Share (Select) while plugging your Hit Box into your PC.





  • Fixes 8-minute timeout issue with latest PS4 console update.
  • Removes random turbo glitch reported in some units.
  • Added Touchpad click button (now replaces Share button).
  • Share button feature is now Touchpad + Options (Start)




Update Instructions:

PS4 Firmware Update requires a Windows platform to install.  Update should only take a few minutes.

  1. Hold the 'PlayStation Menu' (Home) Button while plugging into PC.  Wait and allow PC drivers to automatically install.
  2. Download Firmware Update Software from link above and open program.
  3. Click 'Update' and do not remove USB until updater is complete.  (Make sure you held down the Home Button while plugging in your Hit Box.)
  4. Your Hit Box is now updated and will no longer 8-minute timeout.


PlayStation Menu (Home Button) needs to be held down for updater to run.
Then follow update instructions.

Written by Hit Box — January 13, 2016

XBOX ONE Hit Box Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!!!

Save $40.00 on the XBox One Edition Hit Box!  Normally $199.99, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday they will be marked down to $159.99 for this short amount of time!  Find it here!

Written by Hit Box — November 26, 2015

PS4 Hit Box - Now Accepting Pre-Orders!!

Spread the word!!!  PS4 Hit Boxes are finally here!!!

Hit Box Arcade is now accepting pre-orders for the PS4/PC all-button controller, and is expecting to ship sometime during the month of December.  Our goal is obviously before Christmas, but the shipping date is not fixed.  Pre-orders will also be split into waves if demand is high, so be the first to claim yours!

Hit Box is the all-button controller designed specifically for fighting games!  With all the crazy finger gymnastics that fighting games demand, take full control with the Hit Box ergonomic advantage.  Think of it as a keyboard / joystick hybrid that lets you use your WHOLE hand to take direct control over the action!

Written by Hit Box — November 23, 2015

Hit Box Players Dominate MKX at SCR Prelude

Three Hit Box users placed in the top 8 bracket of Mortal Kombat X at SoCal Regionals Prelude 2015, including our very own Tyrant!

Khaotic Armor placed 5th demonstrating Jason's powerful armored moves and hellish antics (Relentless and Slasher).

EGP Krayzie took 3rd place showcasing D'Vorah's powerful strings and run cancel pressure (Swarm Queen).

1st place went to HB Tyrant with Jax (Heavy Weapons), showing everyone #TheDream is alive and well!  The metal clanking of piston punches never stopped while Tyrant's merciless pressure and corner carries rendered his opponents helpless.  Gotcha!!

Congratulations to Tyrant, Krayzie, and Khaotic Armor, along with the rest of the MKX finalists!!!  That was one hell of a show.

Written by Hit Box — June 07, 2015

Hit Boxes Compatible with PS4 Mortal Kombat X - Tested

Hit Box player Faisal MD was the first to report his Hit Box confirmed works on the latest hit game MKX!!

PS3/PC and Multi Console Hit Boxes are compatible with the PlayStation 4 release of Mortal Kombat X.


Simply load Mortal Kombat X and have a PS4 controller connected to your console, then plug in your Hit Box and you will be prompt with the above message.  Enjoy!!!

This is 100% due to the collaboration between NetherRealm Studios and the Skullgirls development team at Lab Zero to allow previous generation controllers to be playable on a next generation game.  NRS is taking a big step forward in setting a new standard for community support and collaboration, and we at Hit Box are stoked to join the fray of kompetition!!  Hit Box sends our love to NRS and the team at Lab Zero!!!

Written by Hit Box — April 11, 2015

Mortal Kombat X Fatal 8 Tournament!!!

Good luck Tyrant at the ESL Fatal 8 Mortal Kombat X Exhibition invitational!!!  Tyrant was one of 8 players in the world selected to compete for $10,000 cash in the first official MKX tournament ever! The competing players are none other than EVO Champions and MK Legends like:  MIT, Forever King, Sonic Fox, Perfect Legend, Ketchup, TONY-T, Ryan Hart the Prodigal Son, and our very own Tyrant!!

Also among the competitors our very own GodSpeed will be tearing the mic of with his own unique brand of commentary while the event is livestreamed to the world!  Good luck, guys!!

Learn more at: http://en.pro.eslgaming.com/mkx/proleague/news/fatal-8-tournament-kicks-off-mkx-pro-league/

Stoic EJ "Tyrant" Williamson after receiving his invitational scroll to the Fatal 8 Exhibition!

Written by Hit Box — April 11, 2015

Pro Tetris on Hit Box???!!

You heard right.  This is a "Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2" arcade cabinet in Tokyo modified into the signature Hit Box layout.  As you can see in the video below, the ergonomic layout works very well for stacking Russian blocks at high rates of speed!

Competetive Tetris is something that few people still know about, but is a growing fierce scene of hard core puzzle masters.  During the Tetris 'block' at the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon, KevinDDR mentioned, "Pads are almost unplayable because of the motions you have to do. Keyboards are very playable, like a Hit Box would actually be extremely playable; some might even argue that it gives you an advantage."   Later in the demonstration he explained some of the heavy circular motions required to place each block with perfect precision at grandmaster speeds.

Currently outside of fighting games there have been many speedrunners, bullet hell fanatics, racing fans, Beatmania DJs, and Tetris grandmasters who play on Hit Box and push the limits of what can and can't be done in video games, but not many of them have been in the lime light and officially demonstrated their personal bests.  If you have a PB or know a friend who has the need for speed on their Hit Box, send us an e-mail at hitboxes@gmail.com or give us a shout at @Hit_Box:  We'd love to see what you can do!!

Written by Hit Box — February 27, 2015