Hit Box Info Page

Designed To Excel

As the best all-button arcade controller in the world, the core advantage of the Hit Box is that you have more deliberate control over your game, helping you make fewer mistakes in a match.  Random execution mistakes are significantly decreased when you use your entire hand for motions, rather than your wrist or thumb.
With arcade buttons for movement, your inputs are naturally faster and your reaction time is improved.  By utilizing the sensitivity of Sanwa buttons, it allows for moves to come out in the minimum amount of time possible in ways that are much more ergonomic than other controllers.
The deliberate control not only yields higher consistency with your inputs, but it allows you to push the realm of what is even possible in a fighter. The fastest blocks; the craziest combos; because you are playing with your fingertips, everything becomes faster and easier.  There are also many Hit Box only techniques and shortcuts that you can take advantage of to help secure the win.  Check out our Hit Box Index to get beyond the basic motions.



The first thing to note is how the directional buttons are placed on the Hit Box, and what that big button is for. Left, Down, and Right are all next to each other - the ASD of "WASD" - with the Up button being the big red one at the bottom. Having the Up button in the middle and larger than the others, allows players to use Up in a similar way that keyboard users activate the space bar, and it allows you to use either thumb.

In addition, the directional buttons are placed fairly close to the action buttons so for specific situations both hands can be used for either directions or actions. The most obvious example is simply being able to press Up and an action with the right hand at the same time.


On the Hit Box, you have the ability to press opposite directions at the same time. We call this Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions, or SOCD for short. There are two specific SOCDs we have to worry about on Hit Box: Left + Right, and Up + Down. 

With Left + Right, we get SOCD Neutral. Meaning "center" is output to the game - not left or right. With Up + Down, we get Absolute Priority of Up. Meaning Up will always override Down, no matter what order they are pressed in.

Compatibility and Customization

The Hit Box is compatible with PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It has access to different modes on PC to give you options for the various platforms.

Additionally, the Hit Box has improved accessibility to change your buttons and put your own custom artwork. We have clear acrylic covers available and a template to use your art on our acrylic page. If you are looking to customize your Hit Box, check out our guide.

Game With Health In Mind

One of the major focuses of the Hit Box is accessibility for people living with disabilities and injuries, or for those who are wanting to prevent injuries. It was designed to improve upon the ergonomics of traditional fight sticks and gamepads, removing the strain on your wrists and thumbs and putting the control at your fingertips.

Enter the Dojo!

We have developed content to help you learn the Hit Box in the most popular fighting games. In addition, we have a strong and growing community in our Discord server to help teach and train in any game! Below are links to highlights of our training content: