Guilty Gear -STRIVE- on Hit Box - 41236 / HC Motions

Half-circle motions are nothing to be afraid of on Hit Box. There is some leniency in Guilty Gear -STRIVE- that helps keep the motions consistent, and we will help provide some tips below to ensure you can rely on your 41236 inputs. 

Standard Motion


Back (4)
Down + Back (1)
Back + Down + Forward (2)
Forward + Down (3)
Forward (6)

This motion is straight forward - it is a simple rolling of the fingers. To ensure you input the whole Half Circle motion, you may want to press Back and Forward at the same time with Down. The SOCD Neutral will make sure you get a Down input.  

Slide Method


Back (4) -> Down (2) -> Forward (6)


Instead of pressing each input individually, you can slide your fingers across the buttons to get a half-circle. A fun and quick method for 41236!

Practice the techniques above to also improve your Overdrives! Learn more at: 632146 / HCBF Motions


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