Tekken 7 on Hit Box - Instant While Running

The most consistent and fastest Instant While Running (iWR) attacks are done on Hit Box.

In this blog we will showcase a few methods to do iWR, and help you take advantage of the best controller for Tekken 7.

    Instant While Running (Standard)

    Forward -> Attack (next frame)

    Tapping out F, F, F is the easy part! We are using all buttons, so tap away!

    The very ending is the part that needs timing. It requires frame-perfect timing to go from the final Forward into Attack. Tip: Listen to the video above to hear the sound of my buttons. You can hear the timing for the Forward into 2+4. It is a very distinct sound that you will get a feel for while learning.

    P2 Side


    This move becomes VERY consistent on Hit Box because we are timing buttons with buttons; rather than stick with buttons. Since Hit Box uses all 24mm Sanwa OBSF buttons, your right hand and left hand are pressing the same buttons, unlike every other controller available. This naturally makes learning this timing MUCH EASIER than joystick, analog stick, dpad, or key caps.

    As with anything, practice makes perfect. Once you get a feel for the timing of the ending, you will have perfect iWR consistency in no time.

    Instant While Running (SOCD)

    Forward (hold) -> Back (tap) (SOCD Instant Dash)
    Forward -> 2 (next frame)


    This is a very advanced technique that is not mandatory! We are showcasing how the speed of Hit Box can ERASE TELEGRAPHING.

    What is "telegraphing"? Telegraphing is when your opponent can visually see your character stutter step forward and see the F,F,F coming and get a head start on his/her reaction. Telegraphing can also be used outside of the game in an offline setting when an opponent listens and watches for big inputs coming from you to get an outside advantage with their reaction time.

    If you are a speed junkie, this technique will speed up your While Running moves and actually make them instant. Hear how it only sounds like two button presses? In Tekken that could be anything, so your opponent will not react ahead of time and know to side step.

    P2 Side


    This technique requires mastery of two techniques: the 'standard' iWR and the Instant Dash (SOCD Dash) technique. It only becomes consistent when both of these are fully automated into your game!

    Instant Dash Practice

    Forward (hold) -> Back (tap)

    This can also be written out longhand as:

    Forward (hold)
    (Forward) + (Back) (SOCD Neutral)
    Forward (on release)


    If you look at my fingers, you can see how I hook the first finger downward to lead with the Forward input, and then I straighten the opposing finger out to hit the Back input after with the pad of my finger.

    By curving one finger and straightening the other, it naturally helps the timing so that you can perfect the timing and make it truly instant.

    An alternative technique to this is to tilt your wrist to the left or right to lead with the Forward input. It is a similar method of mechanically creating more space between the button presses to help aide your timing.

    When you master Instant Dash, it feels like one input when you press it. The space you create with your fingers does the timing for you, so you are simply quickly tapping your fingers down.

    Mastering Instant Dash takes a lot of time and patience, but your movement feels liberated when you can confidently use it in a match.

    And, of course, once you master Instant Dash, you are able to do F, F attacks and instant While Running moves, well, instantly!

    Instant While Running (Reach)

    Forward (right hand)
    Forward (left hand)
    Forward -> 2 (right hand)

    Right hand    ->    Left hand    ->    Right hand

    This is another Player 1 side trick for you to have fun with. By reaching your right hand over you can drum out F, F, F incredibly fast.

    It also makes the Forward into Attack input easier to time on the next frame, since you are using the same hand to time it.

    Triple Tap


    Slide through the Forward button with your Ring finger, Middle finger, and Index finger, in that order.

    Forward (Ring)

    Forward (Middle)

    Forward (Index)