King of Fighters XV on Hit Box - Charge Motions

Charge motions are some of the most powerful special motions on Hit Box, and KOF XV is no exception. Follow our guide below to perfect your charge character in King of Fighters XV.

Horizontal Charge

Back (4) or Down + Back (1)
Forward (6)


The horizontal charge on Hit Box is intuitive. Simply let go of your charging direction and then input your final direction and attack at the same time.

Vertical Charge

Left Hand: Hold Down (2) or Back + Down (1)
Right Hand: Tap Up + Attack (8)
By using your Right Thumb, it is very easy to coordinate going Down to Up.  The left hand releases when the right hand presses.

SOCD Vertical Charge

Left Hand:  Hold Down + Back (1)
(while holding)

Right Hand:  Tap Up (Down + Back + Up) (7)


With the Vertical Charge motion, you can continue to hold Down (or Back + Down) while you press Up -- this is due to the Absolute Up Priority.  Up always beats Down.

We highly recommend that you can use your right hand to press the Up + Attack buttons at the same time.  Not only easier, but it is extremely powerful: pressing Up + Attack on the same frame means your character will never enter a standing animation!  If your opponent is jumping in with a meaty attack, it's a good idea to not stand up into it.

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