King of Fighters XV on Hit Box - DP / 623 Motions

The Hit Box provides the quickest and most consistent 623 / DP inputs in King of Fighters XV. Using all buttons is already an advantage compared to a stick, but you can improve your dragon punches even more with the techniques in this guide.

Standard Motion


With the 623 motion, you can mimic the traditional inputs.
Forward (6)
Down (2)
Down + Forward (3)
This input is fairly straight-forward. Be sure to practice from both sides to truly get this technique down.
Some players may find this motion difficult to do in the middle of combos, so the next technique may help out.


SOCD Method


Forward (6)
Back + Down + Forward (2)
Down + Forward (3)

The SOCD Method can help your 623 inputs stay consistent. In addition, it is the best way to get 3-frame DP motions in KOF XV. It is also great for doing walk up DPs!

The main tip for this method is to practice the finger motions very slowly first to get the feeling of the movement down, then practice using your character in game. And be sure to practice both sides!

For players that have difficulty doing DPs on Player 2 side, we highly recommend this method since it allows your ring/third finger to stay stationary while your middle and index fingers do the work. Try it out!

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