King of Fighters XV on Hit Box - Hops

Movement is pivotal to great gameplay in KOFXV, and Hops are a key component of that. In this guide we will showcase how to Hop and take advantage of SOCD precision for Hyper Hopping.

Basic Hop

 A Hop is a shorter jump compared to a normal jump. In order to do this, you must press and release the Up button quickly.


Tapping Sanwa buttons is perfect for mastering Hops for their shallow depth and quick release.  Our goal is to be on-and-off the button as fast as possible.  If you are having trouble Hopping consistently, here are two methods to consider:

Hammer:  Slap or strike the button strongly and bounce off the button from the ricochet.  There is no pressing and releasing with your thumb muscles; you are hammering your thumb at the button with your wrist and arm.  Just don't slap the button too hard-- just enough to bounce!

Stroke:  Brush your thumb across the Jump button at a shallow angle and slide through the button.  Sanwas do not need to be pressed down all of the way to actuate!  You can gracefully pass through the button and eliminate any hand movement for the release.  This method does rely on your thumb muscles to move through the button, but not for releasing-- that happens naturally.

Just like normal jumping, both Left Thumb and Right Thumb can be used.  Take your pick!

Hyper Hop

You can simplify the Hyper Hop input by holding the Down button while you tap the Up button.  Due to the SOCD Resolution in the Hit Box, Up will prioritize over Down.

Applying this to Down + Forward, the SOCD immediately changes your input to Up + Forward, even though you're still holding the Down button.  Up beats Down.  Doing these inputs one right after the other will result in a Hyper Hop.


This is an instant change from Down-Forward to Up-Forward.  With this tech you can easily input Hyper Hops in only a few frames.  There is also no jerky down-to-up motion that you will experience on normal pads and sticks.  With the use of SOCDs our quality of life becomes much easier.

In executing Hyper Hops, the same tap methods apply to Hyper Hopping.  Which method do you prefer?  Hammer Hopping or Stroke?

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