SF - Charge Motions

We are going old school again in Street Fighter II Super Turbo!  This time focusing on everybody's favorite turtle with a flat top Guile (and guest starring Balrog in the end).  Here is a breakdown of your quintessential charge motions on Hit Box:
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Flash Kick

Down + Back (hold)
Up + Kick (tap) (Down + Back + Up + Kick)*
Notice how I am never letting go of Down-Back?  Once again we are utilizing the power of SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions; a fancy way of saying Left + Right / Down + Up).  Hit Box is set so that Up always beats Down.  In other words Jump always wins.
Simply hold Down-Back, and press Jump + Kick to override it into a Flash Kick.
You will also notice that I am using my Right Thumb.  This makes it extremely easy to hit Jump + Kick together, and you will always get the timing right!  You can still use your Left Thumb, but I am always an advocate for using my Right.  Give it a try! 
*Note: In Super Turbo you need to press the Jump input first, so I am actually plinking Jump into Kick, but if you are a SFV player you can hit them simultaneously no problem.  Who knew?

Sonic Boom

Down + Back (charge)
Forward + Punch (release Down-Back)
With Sonic Boom I am not using the SOCD technique since Left + Right = Neutral.  I am letting go of Down-Back before I sling my Sonic Boom.

Alternate Sonic Boom (Reaching)

If you want to go for the perfect Sonic Boom, try reaching your Index Finger over to hit Forward + Punch.  You will always throw your Boom right away and you can go back to charging near-instantly!  This only works on Player 1 side, but boy is it hilarious.

Flash Kick Super

Down + Back (charge)
Down + Forward
Down + Back
Jump + Kick (tap) (Back + Down + Up)
This is the classic triangle motion.  Luckily it is super easy!  We can use the same SOCD technique to finish the motion from Down-Back to Up-Back by simply adding the Jump button in the end.


Down-Back (charge)
Forward + Punch
In Street Fighter V this is the Sonic Hurricane Critical Art super, but Balrog is going to be demonstrating the motion for us here.
Two Sonic Booms in a row give you a super.
Alternative (Reaching)
Let us see how fast we can go!
That is it!  You just need to remember to be very concise about letting go of your Down-Back so you do not accidentally cancel your move with a Left + Right.  This is not a problem, because there are many positive benefits to Left + Right in SFV, such as the Instant Dash technique, among others.  As you can see, it does not really slow you down any.
Happy Training