Street Fighter V on Hit Box - Half-Circle Motions

Half-circle motions are nothing to be afraid of on Hit Box. There is some leniency in Street Fighter V that helps keep the motions consistent, and we will help provide some tips below to ensure you can rely on your half-circle inputs. 

Standard Motion


Down + Forward
(Back) + Down + (Forward)
Back + Down


This motion can be tricky if you try to do it too fast - you can skip the Down input. To ensure you input the whole Half Circle motion, press Back and Forward at the same time with Down. The SOCD Neutral will make sure you get a Down input. Other than that, it is a simple rolling of your fingers.

Alternative Motions

Due to how Street Fighter V handles inputs, there are other ways you can input half-circles.

Tap Forward into Quarter-Circle

You can start with a Forward input and can skip the Down-Forward input.


From Crouch

You can start with a Down-Forward input.


Slide Method

And you can even simply slide your finger over the buttons to get a half-circle.



Take a look at our video overview of half-circles in SFV:

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