Tekken 7 on Hit Box - Sidestep Techniques

Gain the advantage and get yourself out of tough situations with these sidestep techniques on Hit Box in Tekken 7!


Sidestep Cancels Into Background

Use your right thumb!
Jump (tap)
Forward (tap)
The quicker and more crisp you are on the buttons, the better you will do. Note that you can go way faster than what even makes sense. Each character has a unique feel and timing to get the most out of their sidestep cancels.

Sidestep Cancel Into Foreground

Method 1

Down + Forward
Down (release Forward)
Neutral (release Down)
This feels like one input because you are simply releasing your fingers in a specific order. Tap the diagonal and let go of Forward first.

Method 2

Method 2 is a bit harder, but allows you to go really fast! It is included just for fun in case you really like to mash buttons.
Down (hooked middle finger hits first)
Down + Forward (straight index finger hits second)
Down (straight index finger releases first)
Neutral (hooked middle finger releases second)
By bending your middle finger and straightening your index (or ring) you mechanically hit the two buttons one frame after the other without having to specifically time it.
The GIF video above is showcasing sidestep cancelling essentially as fast as one can mash because the [Down, Down-Forward, Down] is taken care of by the suggested finger position, not by manually timing the inputs. You can just act like you are pressing down once.

Sidestep Into Foreground - Out of Crouch

Down (hold)
Jump (tap) (Down + Up = Up)
Down (release)
Sidestep out of Crouch we are using SOCD Down + Up. With the Standard SOCD setting, Up will ALWAYS win out: Up > Down.
In tapping Jump it is important that you are on and off the button instantly. It is more of a button slap. The sooner you release Jump, the sooner you can release Down to complete the sidestep into foreground.


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