Smash Box Features

Interested in the more techy side of your Smash Box?  This is just the place!

Here's a quick example of swapping one of your jump buttons and one of your shield buttons for Short Hop and Shield Tilt buttons!


You can change the tilt values and angles on your Smash Box.  This video teaches you how to change Tilt1 to give you Pikachu / Pichu's double Up Zips!


Not comfy with all buttons for your movement?  Try the Nunchuk port!  Hold down Tilt1 while you plug in your Smash Box to try it out!  You can set it as the default mode as well.

The Hit Box Smash Box has a plethora of product features you're not yet taking advantage of -- and we're still updating it and adding more features all the time! Take advantage of all these features with our Smash Box Designer Software.

Download Smash Box Designer

Also for a bonus here are some of our older, legacy videos:

Even more features are covered in our Smash Box blog (linked below under "Blog Page").  Be sure to follow us on social media and join our Discord server for the most up-to-date content!