How to Play — Hit Box

SOCD Neutral in Rivals of Aether

With our controllers you have the ability to actuate both Left and Right at the same time. This is what we call an SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions). Our default setting for Left + Right SOCD is "Neutral" meaning the controller outputs a 'center' position for the directions. This offers...

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The Zangief Bible - 360 / 720

I usually get a lot of questions at majors about Zangief.  "Hey, smart guy, you think you're so cool with your dragon punch shortcuts.  But what about Zangief?  That sounds impossible."  And to that question my eyes light up and I proceed to get really giddy.  Here's a tip:  I...

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Hit Box iWR

Zero to 60 in just a few frames.  This guide will makes your instant While Running come out consistent and FAST!  Get ready to mash some buttons: Tip: These GIF videos are interactive! Play the GIF videos with sound. Slow the video speed to slow motion. (PC Only) Watch my...

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