How to Play — SSBM

SOCD Neutral in Melee

The default setting on Smash Box for SOCDs is to resolve to Neutral. This means that when you press Left + Right, the Smash Box outputs a Neutral or 'center' position with the directions. This is a great tool we can use to be more precise with some specific actions in Melee....

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Pivots In Melee

  Precise control of your movement is one of the most important skills to hone in Melee. And one of the more unique, difficult, and useful movement techniques to master is pivoting. Here we'll talk about the multiple ways you can pivot with a Smash Box, separated into three styles:...

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SSBM Short Hop Fast Fall Missile

Tired of having only of half your gameplan when someone counterpicks FD?  Short Hop Fast Fall Missle will rocket propel your neutral game to the next level!  This is a theory technique that Smash Box now makes VIABLE!  In this short guide I'll show you how to go from zero to Metroid Prime! ...

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SSBM - WASD Analog Pivots with DK

A friend once told me 'If only DK's Bair was switched with his Fair he would be top tier.'  In Rishi's video "Can Donkey Kong Win a Major" he suggests that pivots can help overcome DK's lack of fast forward-facing moves.  Thanks to to the power of Smash Box Pivots, we might...

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SSBM Tech Skill Overview: Sheik

Are you a Sheik main getting started on Smash Box?  Or are you looking for a quick and dirty reference guide on how to ninja?  This is the guide for you!  Fast and furious, here's a Tech Skill Overview of Sheik! We'll be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  For more...

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