Hit Box Players Dominate MKX at SCR Prelude

Three Hit Box users placed in the top 8 bracket of Mortal Kombat X at SoCal Regionals Prelude 2015, including our very own Tyrant!

Khaotic Armor placed 5th demonstrating Jason's powerful armored moves and hellish antics (Relentless and Slasher).

EGP Krayzie took 3rd place showcasing D'Vorah's powerful strings and run cancel pressure (Swarm Queen).

1st place went to HB Tyrant with Jax (Heavy Weapons), showing everyone #TheDream is alive and well!  The metal clanking of piston punches never stopped while Tyrant's merciless pressure and corner carries rendered his opponents helpless.  Gotcha!!

Congratulations to Tyrant, Krayzie, and Khaotic Armor, along with the rest of the MKX finalists!!!  That was one hell of a show.