RDK GodSpeed is on the Rise!

RDK GodSpeed has been doing serious work in the competitive Injustice circuit.  He is a proud Hit Box player, and team leader of the Rush Down Kings.  Hailing from SoCal, GodSpeed has been winning or placing in every tournament he's attended for Injustice: Gods Among Us.  
So far he has taken 1st place at Vindication last month and just recently earned 5th place at UFGT9 in Chicago.  To secure his spot in top 8, GodSpeed eliminated 2-time Mortal Kombat 9 EVO champion Perfect Legend among other fierce competitors. 


RDK GodSpeed's next move is to attend CEO in Florida as a final push to seed himself as a prime contender for the world champion title at EVO 2013 coming in July.

Hit Box is proud to sponsor the Rush Down Kings in support of GodSpeed and his teammates on their mission to win EVO 2013.