Controller Rules Discussion: State of Hit Box


Hi everyone, Sora from team HB here!

One of the biggest topics before and after Combo Breaker this year was the issue of controllers and legality. Hit Box was at the event, so I wanted to share with you all what happened from our perspective.

The reason we’re doing this is for all of our current and potential Hit Box users: above anything else, we want to make sure that you have accurate information AND are secure with your confidence in our product. We have been very lucky with your trust in us, and definitely felt this with every interaction at the Combo Breaker booth. I want to keep working to build and keep that trust.

So, with that is my own disclaimer: all of the information below is first-hand information—only what we know as a fact.

What we know

The only controller that was banned at CB was the specific box-type controller which Daigo had popularized. All Hit Boxes and other box-type controllers were allowed.

At the event, the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) had released a tweet stating a rule that it will adhere to “the rules of the local tournament…as long as the CPT rules cannot address clearly”

Rick/TheHadou, the head organizer for Combo Breaker, then followed it up with a message more specifically stating that Daigo’s box controller was not allowed at the event, and that all other box controllers were allowed.

Finally, we (team HB), went on the record stating that we respect both Combo Breaker’s and CPT’s decision and would abide to it, but we did not agree with the decision to ban that specific box controller.

The banned controller had specific, different features from our branded Hit Box.

The controller in question had some key differences with a standard HB. One feature I know personally is second-input priority. Simply put, this allowed this box to recognize the direction inputted last, while still holding down the opposing button: for example, holding right then pressing left would result in left. As a practical example, this would theoretically allow for one frame-execution sonic booms (back - forward+P) without needing to release a button or go to neutral.

To be clear, I do not know if this solely, or any other specific reason, caused the legality issue with this box controller.

What we’re doing

We are reaching out to TO’s and CPT to encourage a standard moving forward.

Hit Box is a community-founded company first. And as part of that community, we want to share the knowledge we have regarding Hit Box-style controllers.

We do agree with the CPT in that they need more time and information before making any decisions. I believe that we can meaningfully contribute to both.

We are making Hit Boxes more available to try for more players.

This has already been our plan this year, and the events at Combo Breaker reinforced it: we want to make Hit Boxes available to try to as many players as possible. Especially because now, people have been curious about Hit Box controllers and want to see for themselves what it’s all about.

Our next events will be at CEO 2019 and at EVO 2019. If you will be at either event, please come by and visit! We will answer any and all questions that you have.


I hope that makes our side clear! Like I said in the beginning, our goal and allegiance has always been to our players, and every member of team HB appreciates your confidence in us. We are also very grateful that we’ve been accepted as an FGC tournament-standard controller company, and we want to use that to keep improving ourselves to deliver the highest quality products to you.

For any comments/questions, please reach out via

- Sora/Team HB