We're Legal -- ALL OF IT!


EVO has just announced their guidelines to controller rulesets.

The Cross|Up and Smash Box are explicitly stated as legal controllers, which is fantastic news to us!

Overall, we're very happy with its direction. It keeps controller innovation alive, sheds light on the responsibility of game developers, and is giving everyone a call to action by asking for feedback.

And we want to make that same call to action. Please contact EVO with any feedback you have of the ruleset. Praise, ideas, questions, concerns - it'll all help. As a community, we can make something great with this.

The finalization of the ruleset is October 31st.
Send specific feedback to
mrwizard@shoryuken.com with the subject "Evo Controller Ruleset Feedback."

You can find the full ruleset here: EVO Ruleset for Game Controllers.