EVO Prep #1: What to Expect

Hey guys, Sora here! I hope you're all just excited as we are heading into EVO 2018! 

It's still a couple of days before the event starts, so I wanted to give a little bit of a preview of what you can expect from us at the show.

First, the map!

As you walk into the venue, we're located among the first booths you find in the entrance, closest to the tournament setups (on the side of the action, as I like to call it).

We ARE a small and mighty company this year, so we had to pack in the essentials: what are present and soon-to-be Hit Box (HB) and Smash Box (SB) players looking for when they stop by our booth?

Game + Product Demos

We will have pretty much every modern fighting and smash game to demo on an HB/SB. If you've ever wondered how to do an SRK in SF, to doing instant air dashes on DBFZ, we got you covered.

Of course, we have the #cheaterbox tech on deck as well, such as walking SPD's, full crouch DP's, pope selects, shield drops, waveshines, korean back dashes, etc. Just ask us—we'll be glad to show you the tech.

This type of stuff may go without saying, but I've had countless conversations at events saying that they've always wondered how to do "__________" on a HB/SB. Well, now's your chance to learn from the guys who made AND play it.

Boxes upon Boxes

Let me repeat this—EVO 2018 will be the first time we will be selling products in-person, as a company at an event! If you've been holding out on getting an HB/SB online, this is the time to reaaaallly consider getting one! Ask any specifications before you buy. Get to hold it in your hands. Check out how it sits on your lap. Ask Dustin and Shawn about their design philosophy and the grand history of the company before making the company. Or anything else in between! 

Of course, stock is limited. While we've brought as much as we can to cover the event, you guys have consistently blown our expectations out of the water. So, if you are in the market, do plan to stop by the booth early! 

A lot of people have asked us to make this happen someday. This goes out to all of you.

Meeting Up, Greeting Up

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing of all, this is a chance to meet up with fellow HB/SB players! Our booth staff comprises of players, first and foremost, with different backgrounds in a variety of games. Not to mention the other players who will be dropping by our booth during the event.

Moreover, this is our chance to meet YOU! We have tried to talk with as many HB/SB players during other events, but it never seemed to be enough. While our time at EVO may not be quite enough as well, it'll be a big step forward to say hi, resolve any issues you may be having, and of course, simply, play.


Stay tuned here for more news regarding Hit Box @ EVO! Hope to see all of you guys this upcoming weekend.