EVO Roundup

EVO weekend was hectic and amazing for us. We got the chance to showcase our new product, the Cross|Up, for the first time publicly. First at the PSG Classic at HyperX Esports Arena, then for two days during EVO at Mandalay Bay.

Our booth was packed the whole time. New faces came by to try out the Hit Box. Old friends finally got a chance with the Smash Box. And even FGC legends stopped by to see what the Cross|Up is all about.

We had such a blast showcasing our controllers. The moments of epiphanies and the finalities of difficult combos are really what we live for when we show up to events.

This was the perfect opportunity for adamant detractors and those on the fence to really get a feel for the Cross|Up, and after the weekend I think we got plenty of converts. They see what the controller can do, and see its value.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to try our controllers or even to just say hi. And thank you to everyone out there who supports us. You're all fantastic.

Remember, if you liked what you saw at EVO, be sure to support our Kickstarter to get Cross|Up into as many players' hands as possible as soon as possible.

May your inputs be blessed.

- Cameron