Hit Box x Canada Cup 2018

Winter is coming, but so are the games. We’re VERY excited to be part of this year’s Canada Cup!

The tournament will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, located in Downtown Toronto. As a long-time tournament staple of the Fighting Game Community and the premiere Canadian tournament, it will be featuring players and organizations from across the globe! With over $50,000 CDN up for grabs, this will be a tournament where players will be aiming to make a name for themselves, and one to remember.

The competition will be hot, and the Hit Box army is ready to play with the best of them.



We’re very excited to be partnering up with ZomBmu once again for Canada Cup! From his fantastic performance at SCR 2018 in both Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle and Dragonball FighterZ, he will be once again playing to get those points and experience for each game’s respective tour. We’re looking forward to seeing even more from him this year!

Games Played: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle



Sora will be coming back to the stage of history this Canada Cup! With the recent release of Soul Calibur 6, he will be looking to make his name re-known once again with the game that started off his FG career. He has been our marketing and community manager, but part of his job description is also to impress us with his ability to play (still!).

Games Played: Soul Calibur VI, Street Fighter 5, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


About Canada Cup 2018

When: October 26-28
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Website: http://canada-cup.ca/