Corrected: PS4 Hit Box and Smash Box - December 2018 Update

12/4/2018 Update:

Hi all, Raleigh AKA Sora here.

There was a mistake with the original estimated time, as announced below. The estimated date of when Smash Boxes will be shipped is before Christmas/December 25, 2018.

This critical mistake comes from an error in our internal communication. Everyone on the team sincerely apologizes for this mistake.

Please let me be clear that there was no additional delay between the time of the original announcement and now. The 10th landmark date is an internal milestone date in our manufacturing calendar, as it always has been. We are working non-stop to get Smash Boxes to our customers ASAP.

This is understandably disappointing news regardless to our pre-order customers, and we completely understand that. We ask, and thank you for your patience with us.

However, should you require a refund, please email us at [] and we'd be happy to fully refund your pre-order.

Finally, should there be any changes on the estimated date between now and then, we will let everyone on the pre-order list know accordingly. We should have an update next week. We will be keeping you guys posted weekly moving forward.

Thank you.

Original release + corrected date below:


Hi everyone!

We have two product announcements regarding both the PS4 Hit Box, as well as the Smash Box. 

First, PS4 Hit Boxes are now shipping. We're currently working through our pre-order list, with an ETA of being completely caught up within next week. Once caught up, we will put the site on normal orders, ready for the holidays.


Speaking of next week, we are also gearing up for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We are just as excited as all of you with the new game's release, and can't wait to play with you all as the game drops. 

However, we also hold our quality to our highest standards. A manufacturing issue found during our latest run of Smash Boxes, will have to cause a short delay for fulfilling Smash Box orders. Specifically, we expect shipping to begin the week of December 10, 2018 before Christmas.

We are just as disappointed as you all to be unable to have these ready before the game gets released. However, we absolutely need to be 100% certain that once you receive a Smash Box, that they are in perfect condition. You, our players, have made the investment in us. And we'll do everything we can to return that trust in kind, and more.

Thank you very much! If you have any questions, please email us at Or, give us a shout on Discord and Twitter below:


Twitter: @hit_box