Quickest Hadoukens in the East

Recently, Street Fighter V player Kawano shared a useful Hit Box technique that he had been discussing with fellow Japanese player DK. It uses the SOCD features on the controller to help get a quicker hadouken from walking/holding back.

Most of the time, when you're holding back, you have to half-circle forward to get a hadouken, which at its quickest takes 4 frames from Back.

  • Frame 0: Back (4)
  • Frame 1: Down-Back (1)
  • Frame 2: Down (2)
  • Frame 3: Down-Forward (3)
  • Frame 4: Forward (6) + Punch

But with Hit Box, you don't have to go through the whole motion and can go directly to Down. That's 3 total frames from Back (a frame faster)!

  • Frame 0: Back (4)
  • Frame 1: Down (2)
  • Frame 2: Down-Forward (3)
  • Frame 3: Forward (6) + Punch

How do we go directly to Down from Back? We use SOCD of course! 

Here are what the inputs look like on the Hit Box:

Back (4)
Back + Down + Forward (4 + 2 + 6)
Down + Forward (2 + 6)
Forward + Punch (6 + P)

This technique takes precision, but with plenty of practice you can implement it into your shimmy and whiff-punish game. If you have any questions about Street Fighter on Hit Box, be sure to join our Discord and hop into the #2d-traditionals channel. Also, explore the "How To Play" section through our link right below.

We want to thank both Kawano and DK for showcasing this technique.