Team HB will be at Kumite in Texas and Low Tier City!

EVO's around the corner, but that doesn't mean we have to wait that long to get some games in! This weekend, team HB will be part of both Kumite in Texas and Low Tier City, both held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX!

This is the first year of Kumite in Texas, and we're very excited to be part of their inaugural year. The KIT team is one of the absolute best tournament circuits in the FGC, and we're proud to support them as they bring the action from Tennessee to Texas.

Low Tier City is one of the most reputable Smash events in the country, with top players (dare we say... gods) flying in attendance! We've wanted to step up our involvement with Smash events since the launch of the Smash Box, and we're more than happy to take a huge step towards that with LTC.

We also have players in attendance! Punisher will be representing team HB in SFV and MVCI, while Readman will be representing in SFV and BBTag!

Looking forward to seeing you all at KITx/LTC6!