The Hit Box Army at SoCal Regionals 2018!

Another week, another major. This time, we're heading down to sunny Southern California for SCR 2018!

Located in Ontario, CA, SCR 2018 has been a long-standing staple in the FGC circuit. We're very excited to be part of this year's festivities, and we're hoping to see a lot of you in the tournament!

Here's the Hit Box army representing us this year at SCR 2018!



Fresh off his 17th DBFZ placement at EVO, he'll be looking to do some damage in this new tournament season and world tour! As an avid sharer of tech, we think he fits into this team of cheaterboxers perfectly. Super excited to see how he'll perform!

Games played: Dragonball FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle


One of Las Vegas' finest in virtually any game, Kudaytaa has been up-and-coming in the scene for a while. But, it's time he step out into the limelight and show his stuff to a bigger stage. We can't say too much more than this. Just know he will be a force to be reckoned with, trust.

Games played: Dragonball FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, UNIST



A fighter in EVERY literal sense of the word, we're very excited to have him on the team representing us this year. Also a part of the growing Las Vegas contingency and a long-time supporter of HB, it's high time he shows us how its done.

Games played: Dragonball FighterZ


YLT Cole

Yes, we like that very much. Hailing from UMvC3, he's a part of the few who's transitioned into DBFZ extremely well. We're very happy to partner up him this year to send him out to SCR, riding on the back of Majin Buu and ready to rock.

Games played: Dragonball FighterZ