Weekly Round Up #1: The Start of Something New

Hey guys, Sora here with our first-ever Hit Box weekly roundup! We wanted to start a regular, ongoing series featuring the very latest in HB news, whether its news from the team, videos from the #hitboxarmy or just community posts in general! Many of the HB and SB users out there have been killing with sick content on the daily, so we thought to highlight these here.

If you'd like to be part of these future posts, we'd love to see what you got! Please tag us on Twitter with pictures of your sick mods, video tutorials and anything else in between: @Hit_Box

Without further ado, here's what you may have missed this past week!

Smash Box Button Layout Guide

Published from right here in HQ, this is your quick 2.5 minute guide on arranging the button layout of your brand new Smash Box! The default profile absolutely will get the job done for you, but for those wanting to get hands-on with modifying the layout, here's ways for you to get started.

Dragonball FighterZ Movement Tips by JayTo

HOT off the presses from the HB Army! JayTo, one of our best DBFZ players, gets down to business (to defeat the Hans) by showing how to optimize your movement on an HB! In this video, he covers iAD's, jumps, and everything else in between.

Follow Jayto here: https://twitter.com/Jayto89/

SFV AE: Hands Off Me Edition

Mr. Densetsu has been a fast learner on the HB, and he's been regularly streaming to just show us all exactly how. In this quick highlight, he puts on a show on exactly why Sagat is king, and should not be touched.

Oh, did we also mention that he can loop with Urien like the best of them? "Cheaterbox" isn't an exaggerated adjective here...


Follow Densetsu here: https://twitter.com/PianoDensetsu

Community Highlight Post of the Week

By far, the most adorable picture we've seen all week. Start them young indeed. Thank you for sharing, Joe!