[LEGACY] Replacing Buttons and Acrylic Cover

This information pertains to Hit Box models prior to June 2020, Smash Box models prior to August 2020, and the Alpha version of the Cross|Up. If you have a more current controller, please use our up-to-date instructions: https://www.hitboxarcade.com/blogs/support/replacing-buttons-and-acrylic

Everyone loves customizing their controllers. Here we'll overview how to remove and replace your buttons and acrylic cover. 

If you have never physically modded a controller or feel uncomfortable with this process, please go into our Discord and ask for help in the #modding channel.

Tools that'll help with the process:

  • #2 Philips Screwdriver (needed)
  • 2.5mm Allen Wrench (needed - comes with controller)
  • Needle-nose pliers (very helpful)
  • Flathead Screwdriver (very helpful)

Removing the Buttons

1. Put your Hit Box controller face down on a non-scratch material like a towel or a cloth. You'll have to remove the bottom of the controller.

2. The 4 corner feet have bolts that come out. You will need either a #2 philips head screwdriver or a 2.5mm allen wrench to remove these bolts.

3. The 2 center bolts come out with a 2.5mm allen wrench. You should have received one (along with a microfiber cleaning cloth) with your controller.

4. You will need to remove all your buttons. This is difficult since the quick disconnects are meant to never come off in normal everyday use. To remove these, use needlenose pliers to grab the disconnect and pull straight up. Make sure you’re grabbing the metal on the disconnect and not just the wire or you will tear the wire straight off the disconnect.

5. Label your wires as you remove them. Masking tape is pretty effective for this. It’s especially important that you label both of the wires for L2 and R2, all of the other ground wires are common.

Replacing the Acrylic Cover

6. Push the rivet pins out of box using a flathead screwdriver. The rivets are two parts – an anchor and a pin. Once you pop the pin up, remove it from the top side. The anchors will now pop out from the bottom.

7. With the buttons and rivets out. Once you’ve placed any new art down on the metal panel, peel the protective plastic sheets off the acrylic and put it on top.

8. Put the pins back in, and get the anchors on. This will keep your new acrylic in place.

Replacing the Buttons

9. With the acrylic in place, you can put buttons back into the controller. When putting them in, ensure there's some consistency in how the pins look on the inside. This will make rewiring a little easier.

10. Once all the buttons are in, rewire everything to match how it was prior. After you finish rewiring, test out the buttons on a game before closing the bottom of the case.

11. Place the bottom back onto the controller, and screw in the bolts. You're officially done!


Tag us on social media with photo of your customized controller, or show off in our Discord or Subreddit!

If you need any help, please post in #modding on our Discord.