Jonathan “JayTo” To

Dallas, TX

Starting with Street Fighter 4 in 2009, Jayto has been competing in fighting games for 10 years, eventually making a name for himself as a character specialist in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. After a brief hiatus, his competitive spirit was reignited with release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, snagging a 17th place finish at EVO 2018, among regional wins and placements. As a relative veteran on the scene, he attributes his recent successes to a commitment to continual improvement as opposed to outright performance… but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still gunning for the top!

Recent Tournament Results

  • 17thEvo Championship Series 2018 
  • 2ndGGEA Rushdown League 2018 
  • 1stSuper Bit Wars 2018 
  • 1stKameha Con 2018 
  • 17thDreamhack Austin 2018 
  • 9thOptic Arena 2018 
  • 5thKumite in Texas 2018 
  • 3rdKing of the Sticks 2018 
  • 7thNortheast Championships 2018 
  • 1stSuper Bit Wars 2019