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Smash Box Kickstarter: $38.5k and Counting!!!

The Smash Box Kickstarter is $38,500 funded thanks to your support!  That's over 75% the way to our goal of 50k to make the Smash Box a reality!  With two weeks left to go in the campaign, we're almost to our goal!!!

Check our our live Kickstarer here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2099087376/hit-box-smash-box-video-game-controller-for-smash

Visit our Live Kickstarter page HERE!  Thank you for your support!!! 

Written by Hit Box — March 17, 2017

Introducing Smash Box!!!


Hit Box Smash Box Kickstarting Soon!!!

Control all the angles in Smash with surgical precision!  Watch Hit Box Dustin's YouTube channel and this page for more details coming soon!

  • Fast, precise, surgical control over your character.
  • 56 perfect analog angles (Wave Dash / Shield Drop / etc).  Full tilt control.
  • SAVE YOUR WRISTS with Smash Box's unique ergonomic layout.
  • Play Smash on authentic Sanwa Denshi Japanese arcade buttons!

To be notified of Smash Box Kickstarter updates, e-mail hitboxes@gmail.com and ask to be on the mailing list!

Smash Box shown is not the final version and subject to change.  Product in development.


Written by Hit Box — July 07, 2016