Guilty Gear -STRIVE- on Cross|Up - Charge Motions

Are you a fan of the aquatic?  We are too.  May has many advantages on Cross|Up that surpass your typical fight stick or pad.  Today we are focusing on charge motions in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.  Particularly dolphins.

The extra buttons in the layout with the white rim - those represent Left / Down / Right and the button at the bottom is Up.


Using the extra buttons, our right hand can easily finish the motion for us.  Charge Down-Back with the joystick, let go of the stick and press forward with Slash (or HS).





Charge Down-Back with the joystick, then press the Up button with your Thumb on the right hand.

This works because when you input a vertical Cross|SOCD (X|SOCD), the Up direction will always out-prioritize Down.

Most of your Vertical Charges in a GGST match come from a blocking Down-Back position, which is fine.  A perfect Up direction is not required to finish.  The Down-Back becomes an Up-Back to finish the motion. 



Mr. Dolphin is set free.

- - - - - -

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