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Cross|Up on Steam

Steam is currently the best platform on PC for fighting games, and with the growing size of the PC scene, the Cross|Up player base, and popularity of online play, it is important our players can compete. Typically the Cross|Up will work right after you plug it in, but some people may run...

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Cross|Up Downloads

Cross|Up Designer & Firmware v2.00 DOWNLOAD Introduction to 2.00: New Installer New Default Profiles New SOCD Settings New Retro Compatibility Settings New Profile Browser And more! Important guides: Installing the Cross|Up Designer Updating Firmware on Cross|Up Cross|Up PS4 Firmware This firmware is for the Brook board connected to the...

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Cross|Up Info Page

Welcome to a New Era The Cross|Up is the "crossover" of a Hit Box and a fightstick, using both digital and analog directions on a single device - retaining the classic function and form of a fightstick.   Improved Play The access to analog and dpad directions, and the activation of...

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