Hit Box FAQ

What is a Hit Box? The Hit Box arcade controller is designed specifically for fighting games.  It is the first all-button controller available, and can be described as a smart hybrid of a joystick and a keyboard. What advantages do I get for having all buttons? The core advantage of...

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Shipping FAQ

How are Hit Box controllers shipped? Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail.  Tracking information is included. What are the shipping prices? $20.00 Flat Rate in the United States 40.00 USD Canada/Mexico 60.00 USD International How long does it generally take for my Hit Box to ship? Hit Boxes are built to...

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Product FAQ

Where are Hit Boxes made? PS3/PC and Multi Console Hit Boxes are manufactured in Las Vegas and assembled in Henderson, Nevada, USA. Xbox One and PS4 Hit Boxes are manufactured in China.  Ethics and quality assurance are our absolute priorities in their manufacturing. What buttons are used? Hit Boxes use authentic Sanwa...

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