Dragon Punches on Hit Box

One of the most well known and legendary techniques in fighting games is the Dragon Punch or uppercut. It can be found in many games, and is a versatile tool for most characters.

In this guide we will showcase how to best improve your dragon punches on Hit Box across all games.

Standard Motion 

You are simply inputting the motion as the game expects: → ↓ ↘ 

Forward (6)
Down (2)

Down + Forward (3)

The presses on the Hit Box will look like this from player 1 side:


And be sure to practice on player 2 side as well!

SOCD Method

This method takes advantage of being able to press Left + Right at the same time.

When you press both Left + Right at the same time, you will output a Neutral (5).

We combine this with a Down input to provide a way to get quicker dragon punches!

Press and Hold Forward
Then Press both Back and Down
Then Release Back

We recommend trying the SOCD Method on Player 2 side, since it will allow you to use your index and middle fingers - your more dexterous fingers - instead of your ring finger so much.

Press and Hold Forward
Then Press both Back and Down
Then Release Back


Game-Specific Shortcuts

Some games with more lenient inputs, like Street Fighter V, have shortcuts that the Hit Box can take advantage of to get quicker and more situation specific dragon punches. To learn about these specific shortcuts, check out our SFV Dragon Punch guide.

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