Guilty Gear -STRIVE- on Hit Box - TK Motions

One of the greatest advantages of the Hit Box in Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is its simplicity, speed, and consistency with TK (tiger knee) inputs. For other controllers you either have to input your aerial specials after you jump or do a convoluted pretzel-like motion in order to have the aerial special release after your character leaves the ground - and neither of these options are ideal.

On Hit Box it is as simple as doing the special motion, and then plinking Up into Attack. 

Below we showcase the two most popular TK Motions in the game.

236 / QC Motion


Down (2)
Down + Forward (3)
Forward (6)
Forward + Up (9)
Forward + Up + Attack


With this motion you can get your 236 out as soon as you leave the ground. We do this on Hit Box by inputting 236 first, then pressing Up, then Attack. The key to this technique is to plink Up into Attack - pressing both at the same time will not output the 236. 

For more information on 236 / QC Motions, read our blog post: 236 / QC Motions in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.

623 / DP Motion


Down + Forward
Down + Forward + Up
Down + Forward + Up + Attack


Getting an aerial special as soon as you leave the ground can be pivotal for some characters. On Hit Box, this is simplified by being able to the 6 / Up input after you have fully input the special motion. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not input your attack button at the same time as your 6 / Up input, but plinked after.

You can make your inputs more consistent and faster by using the SOCD method for the DP motion. The P2 portion of the gif below demonstrates the SOCD method. For more information on improving your DP Motions, read our blog post: 623 / DP Motions.


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