Hit Box — PC

Hit Box on Steam

Steam is currently the best platform on PC for fighting games, and with the growing size of the PC scene, the Hit Box player base, and popularity of online play, it is important our players can compete. Typically the Hit Box will work right after you plug it in, but...

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Button Layouts on Hit Box

These are the button layouts the Hit Box uses. Hit Box works natively on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, defaults to Xinput on PC, and has many modes on PC you can boot it in: PC Modes on Hit Box. PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch Xbox 360 (for PC)

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MK11 PC Fix

Note: This information is applicable to the time of release of the game. Information may be different now.If you are having trouble using your Hit Box with MK11 on PC, here is a quick fix!  Some strange errors have been reported and appear to be affecting some of our original...

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