Hit Box on Steam

Steam is currently the best platform on PC for fighting games, and with the growing size of the PC scene, the Hit Box player base, and popularity of online play, it is important our players can compete. Typically the Hit Box will work right after you plug it in, but some people may run into particular issues.

This post is to help with general PC and Steam specific troubleshooting, as well as provide help using Steam's Button Mapping.

This information is meant for Hit Boxes purchased on or after June 2016. If you have a version purchased before this time period, the instructions may be slightly different than what is stated. If you run into any issues, please email us for trouble-shooting help: support@hitboxarcade.com.

Testing with Joy.cpl

The first thing to do is to test if your controller is being read by your PC. To do this, open up joy.cpl on your computer.

Next, plug in your Hit Box to your PC. It should pop up in the window, and it should say "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)." If it does not say this, please update your Hit Box using the firmware from our downloads page. [If you have a Hit Box version older than June 2016, it will show up as something else.]

If your Hit Box is not showing up in the window, try these in order:

  • unplug and plug your Hit Box back in
  • use another USB port
  • unplug other devices that send inputs to your computer, then plug in your Hit Box (plug in your other devices after confirming that Hit Box is working or not working)
  • restart your PC and try the above again
  • if your Hit Box still is not being registered, please contact us: support@hitboxarcade.com.


Once your Hit Box is in the window, double-click on the controller name. This is where we will check to see if inputs are being read by the computer.

Press the buttons on your controller to see if they are being read.

Once you have confirmed that your controller is working and interacting with your PC, you can open up Steam.

If your Hit Box is not showing up in joy.cpl or its inputs are not being registered, please contact us: support@hitboxarcade.com.

Setting Up Steam

When Steam is open, go to the "Steam" menu at the top left of the window, and go to settings. Then go to "Controller" and then "General Controller Settings."

Once you have that open, you should see your controller being read at the bottom of the settings options. If your controller was not previously working with the settings that you currently have on, turn them all off - this is to prevent Steam interfering with compatibility. If the controller is still not working, then specifically select the "Xbox Configuration Support" option.

Boot up the game you wish to play, and get to fighting!

Button Mappings on Steam

[Note: As of May 17, 2022 you cannot map the buttons of XBOX or XBOX 360 controllers on Steam. In order to take advantage of Steam's button remapping, boot your Hit Box into a different mode: PC Modes on Hit Box.]

If you wish to remap your buttons, you can use Steam's remapping feature. Simply, click on the controller you wish to edit then select "Define Layout."

Next you will be put into a menu that looks like the image below. Select what output you want from the list in the left column under "Command," then press which button on the Hit Box you want to use for that output.

If at any point through these instructions you were not able to solve your issue, email us: support@hitboxarcade.com. Please include your name, order number, a link to this post, and a description of where you stopped in the instructions.