How to Play — Cross|Up

DBFZ on Cross|Up!

Here's two super useful videos for adding the Cross|Up buttons to your DragonBall FighterZ game.  Today we're focusing on easier instant air dashes and how to add aerial drift into your neutral game and mixups!     

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EWGF on Cross|Up

Move the stick to Right Then back to Neutral Now move the stick Down and hold it there Then press the Right D-Pad button + 2 at the same time. The key to this technique is ensuring you're getting the Neutral input between the Right and Down stick movements.  Hitting Forward...

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Korean Back Dash on Cross|Up

    The Cross|Up can spread the work to both hands with KBDs to make them easy and efficient: Hold Back with the stick Then tap Down on the D-Pad (right hand) Then tap Forward on the D-Pad (right hand). Repeat [tap Down / tap Back]   Be sure to separate the...

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