5.01 Smash Box

November 23rd, 2021

We are releasing a new Designer and Firmware for Smash Box to fix some bugs and issues. We have also added some functionality and support to the Smash Box to improve its capability and compatibility with fighting games on PC.

Download Smash Box Designer and Firmware 5.01

Updates in 5.01

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug with the firmware updater where it did not correctly flash the default layouts and profiles.
  • Fixed an issue with the Designer where it did not always use the user-specific COM port.
  • Fixed a bug where having the DPAD Toggle enabled did not correctly unbind some modifiers.
  • Some minor UI improvements.


  • Added 2 new buttons: L-Click and R-Click
  • Support for fighting games and x360ce

Details of Changes - by Devs

Firmware QOL Improvements

We identified a number of scenarios where the firmware updater and the Designer were not always correctly saving. Because of how many things can be difficult on Windows (user permissions, system services, physical USB ports), it is always difficult to anticipate what kinds of problem scenarios users will come up with - especially when we cannot replicate those issues on our end.

Still, we are trying as best as we can. Thank you for your patience.

As always, our support documentation is on our website and in our Discord if you want help getting set up to customize your controller.
If you have issues loading or saving with the Designer, please write us at support@hitboxarcade.com or talk to us at hitboxarcade.com/discord.

New Buttons L-Click and R-Click

The Smash Box is a GameCube controller. This lets it work on a GameCube/Wii or Switch with a GameCube adapter as a plug and play device, but it also means it has the same limitations the GameCube controller does. Specifically, many of the buttons that exist now that did not exist in the GameCube era are simply not there (ZL, Minus, Home, Capture, etc). While it is not possible to add these buttons at the GameCube protocol level, it is possible to free up some existing buttons for use with emulators.

For 5.01, we are doing exactly that with the L-Click and R-Click buttons.
The GameCube shoulder buttons have 2 control surfaces - an analog slider that sends pressure values and a digital switch that clicks when you press the shoulder all the way in. L-Click and R-Click will give you just the click portions without activating the slider portion. This effectively gives the Smash Box two more buttons that can be mapped in emulators and input wrappers that allow you to assign analog axes AND digital buttons to in-game inputs.

To make full use of it - remove L controller layout and replace it with Light L and L-Click. The same applies to R. This will effectively give you 9 unique commands you can use to map to emulators, games, x360ce, antimicro, or any other form of controller wrapping utility.

We have provided an example layout labeled "Default - PC - FGC (Adapter)" in the layouts folder. For modern fighting games, this will allow you to create layouts with all 8 punch/kick buttons and will still give you 1 or 2 buttons for use with training modes.

For emulators, you can effectively bind 8 digital buttons to the right side, and then program your leftover button (Z) as something like "SELECT" - allowing you to use the Smash Box with emulators that require a START and SELECT/COIN button. (MAME, Retroarch/Retropie).

DPad Toggle Fix

DPad Toggle changes X1, X2, Y1, and Y2 into DPad directions. Back when the Smash Box was not user-customizable, this function existed in order to give users access to the DPad without the need to install even MORE buttons. This was necessary because a lot of games have menus that cannot be traversed without a Dpad.

However, the DPad Toggle had a side effect of applying your Dpad directions WITHOUT unbinding the modifier button that was assigned to it. This was not noticeable in Smash Bros, because the only use for DPad outside of menus was to taunt. People never had to use the DPad while doing something else in a game. Nowadays, many games require you to hold DPad directions for auxilliary functions, but will require analog stick inputs simultaneously (think wheel menus, or equipping items while moving).

This fix addresses that. It also fixes an issue that went unreported for 4 years - X3 and Y3 were ALWAYS disabled when DPad Toggle is on.

UI Improvements

5.01 will now run slightly more smoothly on toasters, fridges and washing machines that run Windows. The refresh rate and display drawing have been optimized to reduce lag and flicker.