Cheater Electrics!


So I am sure you know that Hit Box is good for Tekken, right? There is all sorts of talk about EWGF and how easy it is and whether or not it is cheating... well, you decide for yourself!
*No, Hit Boxes are not actually cheating, but we have come to find our nick name the "cheaterbox" endearing. Hit Box is legal in every major FGC event. Just some tech is THAT good!


"Cheater" Electrics (Player 1 Side only)


Forward (Right Index Finger)
Neutral (there has to be a space here)
Down (Hold) (Left Middle Finger)
Forward + 2 (Right Index + Ring Finger) (Still holding Down with left hand)


Left hand:

Right hand:


By taking your right hand and using it for the Forward input, it let us you get incredible consistency of hitting Forward + 2 simultaneously! Like, literally, it is hard to miss after you get the motion down. Muahahahahaha!

A couple of notes:
1. You can only "cheat" your electrics on P1 side. If you are going to master electrics on both sides, it will be worth your time to learn both ways if you main a Mishima.
2. EWGF is pretty darn consistent regardless on Hit Box. One can argue that the "honest" electrics are just as dirty as the "cheaters!" In fact, many players do not even bother with the "cheater" method because their EWGF timing is rock solid on a Hit Box, straight up.


Perfect your Electrics with our EWGF guide on Hit Box:


Oh it is so good to be bad...
Happy Training