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Mario 64 PC Port Profiles

Play Mario 64 on your Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up! People seem to be playing N64 games on PC a lot more... ...but getting controllers to work on these PC Ports is difficult, with very little controller accessibility.  Some Hit Box, Smash Box, and Cross|Up profiles might help significantly...

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Cross|Up Designer 1.06 is Here!

- Remap buttons and customize your controller with ease! - Save up to 12 unique profiles directly to your controller and take them with you! - Choose from dozens of pre-made powerful profiles, customize them, and share with friends! - Plug in your Wii Nunchuck (now button remappable) and play any genre...

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Update: Hit Box on Pre-Order, Cross|Up Progress

Hit Box on Pre-Order We've had a much larger influx of orders than expected and have sold out of our stock of Hit Boxes. Luckily, since we already had the production run ordered before the pandemic, we are in a good position to get it ready to ship fairly quickly. Right...

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Tekken Movement Guide UPDATE

The Tekken Pro Movement Guide got a big update -- so big it affects 1/3 of the cast!  So if you play Alisa, Anna, Asuka, Eddy, Lars, Lee, Lili, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Nina, Noctis, Yoshimitsu, or Zafina, this is for you. For the full Pro Tekken Movement Guide, click...

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Hit Box - The Switch Update

You read that right. "The Switch Update."The Hit Box is now natively compatible for the Nintendo Switch. No more need for adapters or converters! This firmware update has been making its way around our Discord for a little over a month now, hence the September release on it - we...

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