Hit Box Special Edition: Launch FAQ and Unboxing

Hi guys, Sora here! And what a crazy past couple of days it has been here at HB HQ, all thanks to the amazing support and feedback you've given us with the PS4 Special Edition Hit Box!

It's only been a few days since it's limited launch, yet the response from the fighting game community was nothing that we could have ever expected. Some of our favorites, both amazing and funny, are below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How limited is "limited"?

At the time of this post, we do have some left until our initial stock runs out. In that sense, it is limited to the stock we have. After that, we'll discuss and decide internally if we introduce this into our normal lineup, looking at our manufacturing schedule.

What's at the bottom of the box?

Four rubber feet, held in place by Phillips-head screws. Unscrewing these allows you to open the box from the bottom.

How heavy is it?

It's actually quite a bit lighter than a normal Hit Box! Perfect for travel.

Will you also sell the bag as a standalone/separate item?

Heard you guys loud and clear! We'll be looking into the possibility of including this for HB accessories in the future.


Unboxing Video

Still interested? Check out the unboxing video below, where I go over what the entire Special Edition comes with!