Hit Box - The Switch Update

You read that right. "The Switch Update."

The Hit Box is now natively compatible for the Nintendo Switch. No more need for adapters or converters!
This firmware update has been making its way around our Discord for a little over a month now, hence the September release on it - we wanted to make sure to get some testing on it first before a true public release. Now here we are, slamming this new update into your Hit Boxes so you can play your favorite fighting games on Switch!

PS4 Firmware Download - 9/13/2019

  • Lets you play on the Nintendo Switch on your Hit Box without an adapter.
  • Lets you start up your controller in different modes for PC:
    • Hit Box now boots automatically in Xinput mode when plugged into a PC (no need to hold any buttons, just plug in)
    • Hold Square/LP as your plugging the Hit Box into your PC to get PS3 mode (read as "P3 Wired Gamepad v1.6" joy.cpl)
    • Hold Triangle/MP for PS4 mode (P4 Wired Gamepad v1.6)
    • Hold R1/HP for Xinput mode (Controller/Xbox 360 for Windows)
    • Hold L1/3P for Switch mode (Real Arcade Pro S)
  • Limited to DPAD only for directions, you won't have left stick or right stick.
Installation Instructions
  • Run Hit_Box_Switch_Firmware.exe in administrator mode.
  • Plug in your Hit Box while holding "Home" and "Share."
    • If you're not sure which side buttons those are, hold them all down.
  • The updater will change screens and show an "Update" button, click it.
  • Wait until it's done. 
  • Unplug your Hit Box and plug it back in.
  • You know your Hit Box is running the new update if you check your USB Game controllers.
    • Hit Win+R and type "joy.cpl" if it shows up as an Xbox 360 controller, you're updated.

Version Compatibility

  • WARNING: Updating an incompatible Hit Box with this firmware can result in your controller being unusable.
  • Compatible with: PS4/PC Hit Box
    • If your Hit Box has 4 menu buttons on the top, then it will be compatible.
      • If your Hit Box was ordered before June 2016 your Hit Box may not be compatible. Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you suspect your Hit Box was ordered within that time-frame.
    • If your Hit Box only has 3 menu buttons on the top, it is not compatible - do not update to this firmware.
  • Please contact support@hitboxarcade.com if you do not know your Hit Box version or compatibility, or if you have any issue with updating your firmware.
If you have any questions regarding the update, be sure to hop onto our Discord and go to the #hitbox-discussion channel: Hit Box Discord.